We do strange things...

Digitalcomoedia makes use of some concepts and technologies inherited from the game design in order to:

  • Create advanced and interactive learning and training applications
  • Supply VR and MR 3D real-time high performance solutions.
  • Realize eLearning solutions for all the educational process in different environments, didactical or enterprise oriented with LMS and standard SCORM compliant multimedia platforms.

The use of the Gaming paradigm allows for a more efficient creation of Digital Characters and Worlds we call Digital Actors, the creation of shared interactive environments and a very natural User Experience.

All the market solutions and sales are proposed to an international enterprise high-end technology markets and in some key market sectors related to the following fields:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Entertainment
  • Cultural Heritage

The company’s activity is split in 4 Business Units (BU) which represent the coexistence of three fundamental aspects under every Next Generation Digital Experience creation:

Uanema Entertainment
Creativity and Storytelling
User and VR Experience, and advanced Visual Computing technology
Digital Actor
Ultimate and Alive Digital Content.
ELO ExploLabOratory
User Experience and Visual Engineering Reserch and Development Area.